Benefit from our world’s first: Digital displays and Instore Radio synchronously connected.

Place as many purchasing incentives as possible! The use of digital displays for sales promotion has numerous advantages. Digital Signage is a modern version of advertisement positioning and content communication, such as text, animation or video messages. The advertisement on digital display can very easily be managed remotely to fit your current promotional campaigns. All things considered Digital Signage from Storemoods can do considerably more.

Captivate your clients with Digital Signage from Storemoods

Benefit noticeably from the synchronization of Storemoods Digital Signage with Storemoods Instore Radio as the two systems blend their individual strengths.

Digital Signage from Storemoods is a system of any number of electronic displays that are centrally as well as individually manageable for advertising to any desired target audience.

Functions and services at a glance

Intelligent Multitouch

Multi-touch digital screens offer intuitive gestures with multiple fingers, and make your promotions interactive.

Manageable Service

When desired, we can take complete control of the Digital Signage management according to your individual requirements.

Display resolutions up to Ultra HD

Up to three distinct screens for every player can be played in UHD, which is also perfect for shop window installments.

Individually-tailored Concepts

From software, screens and sensors to the creation of impressive content.

Networking with Instore Radio

Generate attention with one and the same targeted audio and video advertising message.

Mechanical Hardware

We utilize industrial-grade equipment, which ensures a reliable performance – 24/7.
A new dimension to individualized Instore Marketing.

Utilize advanced digital screens and interactive touch applications for your customer experience, according to variables such as the time of day and the weather. We generate both our audio program and our Digital Signage solutions in real-time. That makes it possible to simultaneously show ice cream advertisements on Digital screens while the Instore Radio system plays the corresponding audio content. This cutting edge innovation is only attainable with Storemoods.

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