We get your customers in a spending mood.

The more customers are addressed in a way tailored to the moment, the more they buy. In order to increase your revenue sustainably, you have to create an enjoyable shopping atmosphere to guide and stimulate the customers.

The key to success is an Instore Media concept perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Storemoods has set new standards.

Based on the latest scientific findings and intelligent technologies, our Instore Radio and Digital Signage products increase the time customers stay, trigger impulse purchases and generate measurable additional revenue. We can prove that.

Benefit now from our highly effective commercial radio and Digital Signage solutions and profit from them – sustainably.

Measurably more revenue

In a medium sized German supermarket, Storemoods increased the average shopping cart by EUR 1.20 while customers spent almost 1/3 more time in the store.

basket size
dwell time
Instore Media could not be more individualized.

Sales growth is predestined with Storemoods. Our system automatically generates more product sales for you, without you having to do anything for it.

How do we do that? Using the latest scientific research as well as Artificial Intelligence.
We define the perfect music program for your brand, develop product-specific audio spots and use AI technology to ensure that music as well as commercials are tailored precisely to your current clientele.

Additionally, we synchronize your audio spots with intelligently controlled digital displays and thus communicate your advertising message through multiple channels in real-time. Innovations

Instore Radio by Storemoods: much more than just shop radio.

We develop your personal acoustic sales concept. Storemoods offers you the perfect selection of music based on various in-store parameters such as time of the day, season, the current weather as well as information about your venue crowd. Taking all of this data into consideration, we are additionally able to provide you with highly accurate in-store advertising – e.g. for ice cream, when the weather is great at the shop’s location.

Moreover, by connecting us to your inventory management system, you may only advertise products that are in stock in order to avoid disappointing your customers. The effect: your offers remain relevant to your customers at all times. Instore Radio

Digital Signage by Storemoods: the perfect complement to Instore Radio.

We synchronize video with audio messages in real time. Experience Storemoods` world premiere: Our real-time rendered Digital Signage system is directly connected to our real-time generated audio program, making it possible to display advertising content on screens while our Instore Radio system plays the matching audio spot at exactly the same time.

As a result, multisensory stimuli put your customers in the mood for the advertised products and generate additional sales. Digital Signage

High-quality sound engineering: successfully triggering buying incentives.

High-quality, easy to install, user-friendly. The sound quality as well as the audibility of Instore Radio depend strongly on the loudspeakers used. Professional sound systems are therefore a prerequisite for your sales success.

Storemoods advises you on the optimal sound system with regard to the intended purpose and the available budget.
We install reliable products from our brand partners such as BOSE Professional, thus achieving a perfect sound for an overall profitable Instore Radio sound system. Media Technology

Our mission: Realizing multi-sensory shopping experiences.

Your added value: customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, sales increase.

You may only profit from the enhanced shopping experience of your customers if it has been well thought out and adjusted to relevant local conditions. Storemoods takes good care of the process, so that you don’t have to worry. We transfer scientific findings into easy-to-use, technological solutions that have been proven to increase customer satisfaction, dwell time and sales. That is what we like to be measured by.

Yvo Schirmer

Storemoods is the only company in the industry that has identified the importance of an integrated Instore Media presence as an indispensable marketing tool of the future. It is our mission, obligation and passion to use our advanced knowledge and technological lead for the benefit of our customers.

Yvo Schirmer – CEO of Storemoods GmbH & Co. KG

Right from the moment you contact us, we are there for you. No matter if you are an SME or a large company, whether your inquiry is a media-conceptual or IT-related question: our experts listen to you carefully and are certainly happy to help.

As a Full-Service-Provider we combine expert advice, individual solutions and personal support. We offer you exactly the service we would like to experience for ourselves. Briefly speaking, what we can do for you, we do. Take our word for it. Contact us