The traditional brick and mortar business faces radical change. E-Commerce is on the rise and demands an increasing professionalization from the retail industry. Customers expect an appealing atmosphere that makes shopping a great experience again and stands up to the convenience of online trading.

Our Services
CC-Licensed Music
You are looking for the hottest Charts and other popular music? We have compiled a multitude of hand-picked music programs for your retail shop.
CC-Free Music
We offer a variety of great music programs across all genres that will save you a considerable amount of copyright collective fees across Europe.
Ambient Media
Ambient music such as rainfall, waves by the sea or the sound of a cozy fireplace will greatly influence your customers’ shopping behavior.
Coming soon...
Speaker Solutions
Let our music sound right on site. We will put you in contact with selected speaker experts who can provide a solution for every budget.
We are storemoods
  • We are your business partner for audio solutions and know how to professionally sharpen your brand profile in-store.
  • Our services contribute to an enjoyable atmosphere at your locations and increase your customers’ satisfaction. Turn your audio messages into targeted promos and drive turnover, profitability and customer loyalty.
  • We guarantee a modern music program which is based on intelligent location-specific parameters which will ensure that your customers experience a sensational audio environment during their visit.
  • We offer a multitude of music programs including those which save a considerable amount of copyright collective fees across Europe.
Everything in the Cloud

Forget post-it notes, long emails and to-do lists. Control everything remotely from a single location without overloading your local location manager. Let your marketing team manage your customers’ audible experience directly. Read more…

Scientifically Sound

We base our services on the latest scientific findings and tailor them perfectly to your requirements. This ensures happy customers and increased sales.

Professional Team

Our products are the result of an exceptional teamwork, which is characterized by commitment and expertise. Read more…