Call it commercial radio, shop radio or instore radio. We call it revolution.

Instore radio is probably the most attention-grabbing form of communication at the PoS. Whether through music, commercials, information or your personal audio branding: Instore Radio has a subtle influence on your customers’ shopping behavior. However, it can have both positive and negative effects if not tailored correctly.

The in-store radio solutions from Storemoods generate the perfect music for your store and create exactly the inviting atmosphere in which your customers feel comfortable, linger and make additional purchases.

We successfully implement what is scientifically proven.

Numerous scientific studies have substantiated the promotional effects of music. These findings state that music has a positive impact on the emotional assessment of the store as well as on the attitude towards staff. In fact we have also found that the willingness of customers to wait longer and pay higher prices increases when music is playing.

However, the crucial thing is: The right music should be playing at the right time, in order to increase sales in a sustainable and measurable way! Playing generic playlists or music titles that are not tailored to your clientele can scare away customers.

Site-specific and suitably played Instore Radio makes a decisive contribution to prolonging the time customers stay in the shop, increasing the reputation of your product range and boosting sales.

Measurably more revenue

In a medium sized German supermarket Storemoods increased the average shopping cart by EUR 1.20 while customers spent almost 30% more time in the store.

Basket Size
Dwell Time
Our functional system for all your applications.

The possibilities of integrating advertisements into the Storemoods system are almost limitless. For example, precisely determine the time and weather conditions at which a particular promotion should be played.

For instance: You sell ice cream and the weather is good at your location? Make your customers aware of it automatically: The intelligent Storemoods Instore Radio system automatically plays the relevant commercial and thus generates lucrative impulse purchases!

We make the difference – between “Lalala” and “Long-term additional revenue”.

Are you looking for sustainable sales promotion? Storemoods is your competent partner for intelligent audio marketing. Simply choose with us the right in-store radio solution for your business model.

Maximum convenience in the customer portal.

As a Storemoods customer, you will receive your personal access to our web portal. There you have your individual, clear and thoughtfully designed web interface.

The dashboard lists your branches with the corresponding Storemoods products. Manage the Instore Radio program for each of your stores centrally and with just a few mouse clicks.

Simply set a few parameters relating to the music, branding and advertising spots – the rest is done automatically. We would be happy to explain further details to you personally. Contact

Your benefits

The right program for every store

Plan by geographic regions or separately according to other criteria.

Day- and time-precise planning

Plan spontaneously or well in advance – your desired program is played automatically.

Uploading audio elements

Effortlessly add commercials and jingles to your program.
Goal-oriented music programs: Increased sales with the right style.

If you opt for Storemoods, you do not have to compile your own playlist out of thousands of songs and risk selecting the wrong music titles. As a matter of fact the innovative Storemoods technology automatically generates the optimal music programs for sales and ensures that everything runs in real-time and as planned.

Further functions and services

CC-free vs. CC-licensed

We offer both CC-free and CC-licensed music for a high cost efficiency.

Managed service

For larger customers we take over the complete administration of the Instore Radio, according to your specifications.

Audio content

We produce your corporate branding as well as commercials, jingles and much more.

Individual concepts

From the music program to the loudspeaker system and the content production.

Linkage with Digital Signage

One and the same targeted advertising message played via audio and video generates attention.

User or respectively role administration

Easy application of Storemoods Instore Radio even in large companies.

Take your Instore Radio to the next level.

Changing from an existing solution to the lucrative Storemoods Instore Radio is very easy – usually only the receiver needs to be replaced. We do not only support you in planning, conception and implementation, but also take over the complete project management.

To put it briefly: You benefit from the highest quality, low acquisition as well as installation costs and lasting success. Made in Germany.

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