The future of retail is in smart technologies

Smart solutions begin with smart sensors. We work with professionals from all around the world to combine modern sensors such as cameras, touch and RFID with our Digital Signage and Instore Radio solutions. Our promise is quality, that creates added value and is smartly implemented.

A quick look at our portfolio

Thanks to our reliable sensors, your shop will be much smarter. In addition to the exact number of customers, several other features of your customers such as their estimated age and gender can be analyzed by our system.

This results in valuable information which is then used in individually generating your Instore Radio and Digital Signage programs. Make your point-of-sale fit the future. We are more than happy to help.

Smart customer traffic lights for entrance control

Our reliable system for customer information will help you to precisely regulate the flow of visitors by utilizing its sensor technologies. Since the entire system consists of our standard equipment it can be used flexibly even after the COVID-19-related restrictions and can be upgraded at any time.

Reliable customer information system

People in the shop get precisely counted by our discreet 3D sensors which are suitable for all kinds of entrances and ceiling heights. Alternatively, a variety of other existing customer counting systems can be integrated.

Ready for offline operation

No internet connection is required to operate the system. If the Internet is available, all content can be centrally managed via our Content Management System.

Variety of formats available

Neben dem Einsatz hochwertiger Stelen oder digitaler Kundenstopper ist auch die preisgünstige Wand- bzw. Deckenmontage von Displays möglich.

Alternative to the Customer Traffic Light: Notify your employees via SMS, App or an audio signal

Installing a fully automated Customer Traffic Light System might not be the right choice, if the maximum amount of people allowed in the store is only reached every now and then. By integrating the customer counting sensors into the infrastructure of Storemoods, your employees can get notified either by text or an audio signal just before reaching critical amounts of people inside the store, so that they can briefly take over the entrance control.

How important is the accuracy of the sensors in customer counting applications?

The sensors available on the market vary greatly in their accuracy. Apart from the technology used in the sensor, a professional installation by trained personnel is crucial in order to achieve the best possible results.

Particularly when using customer counting systems it is very important to reach the highest possible reliability. Even with minor inaccuracies there is either the risk of letting more people into the shop than allowed or making customers wait unnecessarily due to a false notification that the shop is full.

Storemoods therefore relies on tried and tested technologies and works exclusively with experienced installation partners.

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