We have a proven track record of successfully influencing customer buying behavior.

Storemoods enables you to facilitate your personal, location-based media management. Music, POS-related shop radio spots and digital displays react in real time to the weather, the time of day and your clientele. For that reason they are seamlessly interlinked, which means that they refer to each other and thus trigger powerful impulse purchases.

Science as the basis for modern Instore Marketing.

Numerous scientific studies prove the effects of music on customer behaviour. Verifying, for example, that customers stay longer in the store when listening to music, spend more money and are willing to pay higher prices. However the bottom line is, that music only increases sales if it is used correctly.

Meaning, for more sales success it is not enough to simply compile a playlist according to your personal taste or to use it at any time of the day. What you need to do: Adjust your Instore Media to the sales-relevant parameters of your particular store as every location is different.

These location-specific parameters should define what your customers hear and see in the store. As a result, your customers will be properly addressed and tempted to buy. It is Storemoods’ exclusive competence to ensure this for you.

AI-based and real-time controlled: Instore Marketing as it should be.

Our in-store radio and digital signage products can be tailored to your individual needs.

The intelligent audio and video content for the respective store relates in real time to data on the time of day, the clientele, the weather, customer traffic, etc. The Storemoods system is highly flexible, reliable and goal-orientated.

Do you sell ice cream? Then the system automatically enables ice cream promotion when the outside temperature is 20°C and higher: Corresponding messages are placed across your Storemoods Instore Media channels triggering strong buying impulses. Our control unit works completely autonomously, so you don’t have to make any effort. This smart technology is only featured by Storemoods.

Highly effective: Generate measurably more sales success.

You will not receive any standardized products off the shelf from us, but rather a perfectly individualized media solution tailored to your brand, industry and location.

Our offer to you: The chance to play selected music that matches the corresponding product range in specific store  areas. Additionally, there are more specialized options, such as music compositions which are perfectly tailored to your brand. Contact us for further information!

Generate additional revenue easily and sustainably using Storemoods’ instore media technology.

At a glance

Storemoods is able to combine the latest scientific findings on shopping behavior with AI-driven technologies that create highly effective audio and video marketing solutions. Our products increase the customer satisfaction, extend the time spent in your store and increase sales in a proven way.

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