What is Copyright Collective free Instore Radio?

Copyright Collective free means that you are not obliged to pay licence fees to your local copyright collective such as GEMA, AKM or PRS for music playback in your store.

Storemoods will set you up with your our own Copyright Collective free Instore Radio which may be composed of CC-free music, promotional spots, branding and other informatory content.

Why CC-free Instore Radio?

Depending on the type of your business Instore Radio subtly influences your customers to stay longer, spend more money and assess your product range as more valuable.

Instore Radio creates an appealing atmosphere at your Point of Sale in which your customers will want to spend more time and money.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the valuable effects of music on customers of all ages.

Especially less popular music such as our CC-free music increases your customers’ dwelling time.

CC-free music by Storemoods

Our CC-free music programs feature extensive playlist lengths and impress through their exceptional song quality.

We refrain from frequent repetitions of the same songs and always send our music programs in a steady volume with no pauses between the tracks.

This guarantees an enjoyable audible atmosphere which even frequent shoppers and employees will not be bored of.

Your CC-free music benefits
  • Outstanding CC-free music quality
  • Savings of up to 70% yearly on CC license fees
  • Additional Christmas programs during the season

For special requirements we also offer individual music compilations that are specially tailored to your brand’s needs.

Pop (CC-free)

SoftPop (CC-free)

NewPop (CC-free)

Modern R&B (CC-free)

Club (CC-free)

ChillOut (CC-free)

Relax (CC-free)

Instrumental (CC-free)

Control Your Locations from the Cloud

Your favorite music can be played using existing hardware such as computers and laptops or with the help of our low-cost streaming devices.

All locations are quickly managed online through a state-of-the-art and easy-to-understand Customer Portal.

The intuitive user and role management ensures an enterprise-grade application of the Instore Radio solution which will fit your company’s needs.

Accurate Branding and Audio Spot Management

Let your customers hear that you have special offers for them.

Just schedule the playback of your promotional spots based on time and weather conditions for a group of locations within a blink of an eye.

Do you sell umbrellas and there is an unexpected heavy rainfall? Great! Our intelligent system will automatically activate your corresponding promotional audio spot and generate additional turnover.

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