What we do

We are your business partner for state-of-the-art audio solutions. Our services will enhance your shops’ atmosphere and professionally support your brand identity.

Using targeted automatic messages in-store, our team helps you to drive your shops’ turnover, profitability and customer loyalty.

Why we should be your choice

We put great emphasis on a continuous dialog with our clients in order to develop a coherent overall concept that you and your customers really like.

Our work is based on the latest scientific findings as well as profound expertise in marketing and information technology.

The Team

Our products are the result of an exceptional teamwork.

Strong educational as well as professional backgrounds give us the opportunity to disrupt the traditional Instore Radio market with efficient and creative new solutions.

We just don’t like to idle.


Yvo Schirmer


Lukas Gustenberg


Paris Theofanidis

Our Values


We transfer findings from theoretical science into practice and continuously develop our services further. For this purpose we remain open to new trends and opportunities delivering cutting-edge technologies.


We place emphasis on easy-to-use products that enable you to centrally manage all services via a user-friendly Customer Portal in just a blink of an eye. This way you can focus on other creative tasks.


We use top-class technology and always challenge the status quo within our industry. Our goal is finding better solutions for our clients’ requirements in order to improve the customer’s audible shopping experience.